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Outdoor HDTV Antennas

In most cases, an indoor antenna will work for you to get your local digital stations.

If you live beyond the limit of indoor hdtv antenna reception, you may require an eave mount, attic, or rooftop hdtv antenna to recieve pixel perfect HDTV signals.

There are many great options for outdoor hdtv antennas, but to learn the best options for your home and for safety sake, the help of a qualified antenna installer is always recommended.

If you live in an area that experiences sever weather including wind, rain and frost, it is important to select an antenna that allows the wind to pass effortlessly and of course be rust proof.

Before installing any rooftop antenna it is wise to check any local restrictions on rooftop hdtv antennas that may apply, including home owners associations and local ordinances.

In most cases, any local restrictions can be overcome by federal rules. If you live way out in the boonies, you may need to add an hdtv amplifier to boost your digital television signal even further.

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